Custom Macaron Boxes

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Do you love making and sharing macarons?

If you have a Cricut Maker, you can create customizable boxes to share your macarons!  These boxes are all designed with a clear window on the lid to showcase your beautiful macarons.  There is a front flap that holds them in place, so filling (and eating from the box!) is easy.  Everything folds together into a compact one-piece box.

custom macaron boxes

What you need:

SVG Box Template

I have downloadable SVG files in my shop for boxes that hold 4, 6, or 8 macarons.

Card Stock

I like this card stock-it comes in 12 x 18″ (perfect for over sized projects!) and has a super smooth texture.  It is the closest, most affordable option I’ve found to cake box board.


I designed these boxes to have a Mylar window-perfect for showing off your perfect macarons!

Double Sided Tape

1/8″ double sided tape is used to attach the Mylar window and to adhere the flaps of the box together.

Here are some optional supplies you can use to customize the boxes:

Foil Quill and Foil

I love using a Foil Quill to add a metallic foil logo to my boxes.  Be sure to check out my Pro Tip below to find out exactly how to work this step!

Cricut Pens

You can easily add your logo, name, or small message to my design for a drawn on element with Cricut Pens.

Stamps or Stickers

You can also customize the boxes with your own stamp or sticker.  The size 6 and 8 macaron boxes each have a dedicated space for a design up to 2″.

How To Make The Box:

Each purchase comes with a PDF instructional guide to help you make your box-from uploading the file in Cricut Design Space, to the exact spot to apply the double sided tape.  My design is really convenient because all of the scoring and cutting is done by the Cricut Maker.

The first step is to upload the SVG file into Cricut Design Space.  Follow the simple instructions to ensure that the score lines are assigned correctly and insert your logo or text, if desired.

Pro Tip:

If you want to use a Foil Quill to get a really professional metallic look, cut and score the box first, then draw the logo as a separate project.

custom-macaron boxes foil quilling

I’ve found that it’s best to do these two steps separately (the tape and foil can interfere with the fine point blade).  To get the design in the correct position, use the SnapMat feature.  This way you can resize and place your design between the two cut-out windows.

custom macaron boxes foil quill

Each box has a Mylar window that is included in the design.  This is cut on a separate mat.  This is designed to fit perfectly into the top of the box, making a nice window to show off your macarons!  It is held in place with 1/8″ double sided tape.

When you go to remove your box from the Cricut Mat, be sure to curl the mat-not the card stock.  This will ensure that the board doesn’t warp.

After your project is complete on the Cricut Maker, follow the instructions to assemble the box.  For an extra touch, I like to add a piece of parchment paper to the bottom of the box.  Fill with your beautiful macarons and enjoy!

custom macaron boxes open


  1. Eileen

    I would love to make theses! I can’t see the size you are using for boxes or really how to make them. Do you have another video with your voice?
    They are great!

  2. Corey Grimsley

    Hi Eileen,
    Thank you! The template that I use in this blog post (along with several other sizes) is available in my shop. Each one is already sized and ready to import into Cricut Design Space. You can make the 4 and 6 piece boxes out of a 12×12” sheet of card stock. The 8 piece box requires a larger sheet.

    I hope to have a full tutorial soon!


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