Macaron Christmas Trees

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How to Make Macaron Christmas Trees.

Macaron Christmas trees are fun, edible decoration for the holidays.  It’s delicious treat and makes a terrific addition to any gingerbread house!

Macaron Christmas tree perfect macaron recipe

Start out by making a batch of my Perfect Macarons add four drops of leaf green gel food coloring to the egg whites.

Macaron Christmas trees perfect macarons gel food coloring

To make the tree shape, you will need five or six graduated macaron shells.  I created this template to make piping the exact sizes really easy.

Macaron Christmas tree template piping guide print printable parchment paper

Place the piping guide under a sheet of parchment paper and pipe the macarons.  After you are done, carefully slide the sheet of paper out before baking.

Macaron Christmas trees piped baking sheet parchment paper

Pro Tip:

For the larger macarons, you will need to pipe using a swirl pattern.  Begin at the center of the circle and pipe towards the outside.  Hold the piping tip about a half an inch above the parchment paper and let the batter fall into place as you pipe.

Bake the macarons for 18 minutes at 275ºF.

Macaron Christmas trees baked baking sheet parchment paper template

Putting together Macaron Christmas Trees:

Once the macaron shells are cool, its time to assemble the trees.  You can stack the five shells in order for a perfect cone shape, or mix and match.  I added an extra shell to the bottoms of a few for a varied look.  For the filling, I used piping consistency royal icing.  Because the icing dries hard, the trees last longer as a decoration.

How to make a macaron Christmas tree piping royal icing

If you are serving these as a dessert, I recommend using buttercream frosting (the texture will be much nicer).  Keep the trees simple or decorate with sprinkles or powdered sugar!  Either way, you have a fun and festive decoration!


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