How to Make Macaron Wreaths

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How to Make Macaron Wreaths

This year for Christmas, I wanted to come up with a new macaron design to add to my gingerbread house.  Introducing macaron wreaths!  These are really easy to make and so adorable!

How to make macaron wreaths piping template Christmas holiday

What you need to make Macaron Wreaths

Macarons – Begin with one batch of  Perfect Macarons.  After combining the dry ingredients to the meringue, separate 1/4 of the mixture into a large bowl.  Add green gel food coloring to the larger portion and red gel food coloring to the smaller portion.  These will become the wreath and the bow.

Piping Bags and Tips – I love these piping bags for making macarons.  The 25” bags hold lots, perfect for big batches of macarons.  I use a size 10 piping tip when piping my macarons.

Macaron Wreath Piping Template – You can download the template Here.  To make a half sheet size template, you will need to print out two copies.  On the first page, cut out the two semi-circles along the dotted lines, and tape onto the second page.

Parchment Paper – I love these half sheet size parchment sheets.

Edible Decorations – To decorate my macaron wreaths, I added red, green, and white sprinkles right after piping.  Have fun with your decorations!  Try sanding sugar, edible glitter, or dusting the finished wreaths with powdered sugar.

Fillings – Fill the macaron wreaths with any flavor you like!  I used Rosemary Cream, but buttercream, or even piping consistency royal icing would work (especially if you are using these as decorations).

Making the Macaron Wreaths

Start out by making a batch of my Perfect Macarons. Before adding in the coloring, portion out about 1/4 of the batter into a separate bowl.   Add five drops of leaf green gel food coloring to the larger portion of the batter (this will be the base of the wreath).  Continue to fold in the food coloring until the batter runs off of the spatula in a ribbon, folding onto itself at least four times.  Repeat with the second portion of the batter, adding in 5 drops of red gel food coloring.

Macaron wreath batter red

Transfer to piping bags fitted with size 10 piping tips.

Macaron wreath green red batter piping template

Each wreath is made of a ring of mini macarons that are piped closely together.  As the macarons rest and bake, it will become one solid ring that you can easily pick up and pipe the filing onto.  To make sure that each half fits together seamlessly, I created this template to make piping the exact sizes really easy.

Macaron Christmas holiday wreath piping template sheet tray

Place the piping template under a sheet of parchment paper and pipe the macarons.  I use the green batter for the wreath and the red for the bow.  Be sure to tap the sheet pan on the counter several times to pop any air bubbles and to help the circles merge.  If the bows need any additional definition, try using a scribe or toothpick to carefully adjust the shape.

Macaron Christmas holiday wreath piping template sheet tray sprinkles

PRO TIP: If you only want to make one color batter, you can add red sanding sugar to the bow for a pop of color, or try painting it after baking with EdibleArt’s Glamorous Gold Cake Paint!

After you have finished piping the macarons, carefully slide out the macaron piping template and repeat.  Each half sheet will yield four 4” macaron wreaths.

Allow the macarons to rest for 30-45 minutes (or until the tops of the shells are slightly dry to the touch and matte).  Bake the macarons for 18 minutes at 300ºF.

Macaron Christmas holiday wreath piping template sheet tray

Putting together the Macaron Wreaths:

Once the macaron shells are cool, its time to assemble the wreaths.  Pipe the filing onto the bottom half of the wreath.

Macaron wreath piping template filling

For best results, pipe each round like an individual macaron (as opposed to one large ring of filling).  Place the other half on top and gently press together.  Attach the bow with a small amount of filling.

Macaron wreath piping template filling

I used rosemary cream as the filling, I think it’s the perfect flavor for this design!  Sweet with just a hint of evergreen flavor from fresh rosemary.  You can find the recipe here.

These macarons would bake an impressive addition to any holiday cookie box or exchange.  Package them with a bright red ribbon and you have great gift!  Enjoy!


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